Types of transmissions

Currently, the two main types of transmissions widely used in automobiles are Stepped Automatic Transmissions(SAT) and Continuously Variable Transmissions(CVT). CVT refers to transmissions with numerous ratios, using the principle of chain drive to work, so the CVT is sometimes called chain transmission, or CVT for short. SAT refers to transmissions with a limited number of ratios and can be divided into manual transmissions (MT) and automatic transmissions (AT). MT has high transmission efficiency, but is more complicated to operate, especially when driving on urban roads, which can easily produce fatigue. AT is simple to operate, but the transmission efficiency is relatively low. Therefore, a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission is, under the same conditions, more friendly than a vehicle equipped with a manual transmission.

Advantages of automated manual transmissions

Automated manual transmissions (AMT) combine the advantages of both manual and automatic transmissions, and can be as efficient as MT and as easy to operate as AT.

Application of micro switch in automotive shifter

In a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission, the device that implements the shifting function is called a gear selector lever or shifter. Micro switches are located in the gear shift mechanism assembly, generally 2 to 4.

micro switch for shifter

Their function is to detect the position of the shifter, which is used as a signal indication. That is to say, when the gear shifter is operated, the instrument cluster will prompt the driver which gear and which mode the vehicle is in. The following is a simple analysis of a common fault of the P-gear micro switch of the shift as an example.

Failure Analysis

The driver has already shifted to the P position after the car is parked and turned off, but the instrument cluster still shows “Stop Vehicle Shift to ‘P’ Leave Engine Running” or other related words.

Microswitch Used in Automotive Shifter插图1

Meanwhile, if the key cannot be pulled out after the car is turned off, it will not be possible to cut off the power. This requires pushing forward or shaking the shifter a few times to remove the key occasionally, which is a common problem with many cars.


When facing with this problem, it is recommended to go to a professional auto repair shop to remove the gear shift mechanism assembly. Let a repairer checks whether it is a failure of the micro switch. If this is the case, then it is generally due to the wear and tear of the micro switch after long-term use, which will lead to poor contact. Another possibility is that the previous maintenance caused the switch to be soldered at too high temperature and for too long, so that the contact of the switch was deformed and the service life was shortened. Under this circumstance, you can replace a new micro switch by yourself to reduce maintenance costs.

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