What should you do if the micro switch of the car trunk lock fails? Although there are various ways to open the trunk, owners will still encounter the situation that the car trunk lock not working. The following is a brief analysis of the reasons and solutions for the inability to open the trunk.

1.Failure of the micro switch

The contact of the micro switch is corroded due to water ingress, and the conductive function is lost. In this case, you can replace a new trunk latch micro switch by yourself to reduce maintenance costs. There is also a possibility that too much dust has accumulated in the switch, causing the contacts to get stuck and the switch to be inoperable. This requires professional maintenance personnel at a 4S store to clean up the dust accumulated in the micro switch.

2. Body parts failure

There is a problem with the trunk itself, such as the trunk line being broken or other reasons that lead to the car trunk can not open. Generally speaking, most models of car trunks have a small latch assembly. if you use the key or a relatively sharp object can easily pry off its housing. Then you will see a small micro switch. At this point, just gently press the lever of the switch to open the door.

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micro switch for car trunk

For the micro switch mentioned here, I recommend the use of the WS1 series of a waterproof micro switch from the manufacturer of KANGERLE. This micro switch can reach IP67 level waterproof and dustproof, compact structure, small size, and sensitive operation. At the same time, a full range of terminals, and various forms of the operating handle can be equipped according to the needs of users. For more details, please visit official website: &

3. Linkage rod or lock cylinder problem

If you often use the key to open the car tailgate, it means that the linkage rod is broken, and you need to go to the repair shop to find a car repairer to help open it. If you always use the remote control to open the trunk, it means that the lock cylinder is dirty or rusted. You can open it by spraying the rust remover into the lock cylinder a few times.

4.Not unlocked with the remote key

It is not unlocked with the remote control key, so you can not open it. It’s best to press the key’s open button before opening or to see if the key’s battery is dead.

How many ways to open the car tailgate?

What if the car trunk latch micro switch is broken?插图1

Based on the rapid development of science and technology today, ways to open the trunk of several major brands at home and abroad exist in the following.

  • Mechanical key to open

This is a mechanical method to open and close the tailgate by inserting the key into the tailgate lock hole, and it is also the way to start the era of mechanical keys.

  • Remote control key to open directly

A remote key is the most direct and simplest way to open the trunk, and it is also relatively simple to use. Take out the remote key and press the trunk open button directly to open it.

  • Press the unlock button directly to open

There may not be a trunk open button on the remote control key of some models, so it takes about three seconds to directly press the unlock button, and the trunk will be unlocked and slowly opened.

  • Intelligent sensor key + trunk switch

In addition, there is a model equipped with an intelligent induction key. As long as the remote control key is within a certain range (usually about one meter), you can directly open the trunk by pressing the switch on the trunk.

  • Intelligent induction

In some mid-to-high-end models, the trunk can also be opened using a kick-sensing switch. No hands, just swing your foot under the rear bumper to automatically open the trunk.  It’s a great help when you can’t spare your hands to open the tailgate.

The trunk of a car is not only a place to store items, but more importantly, this part can absorb and buffer some of the energy of a collision in a rear-end accident. So when the car trunk fails, you must pay attention to it and check and repair it in time!

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