The car door lock is one of the important accessories of the car body, and its performance and quality are directly related to the safety of the car driving and the owner’s property security. The automotive door lock system is developing in the direction of high security, reliability, functional diversification, and mechatronics technology. Meanwhile, the coordination with the overall appearance of the car is more harmonious and beautiful.

What dose the car door locking assembly consist of?

The door lock assembly is mainly composed of a lock transmission mechanism, a door lock switch, and door lock housing. Generally speaking, there are five micro switches in the left front door lock control device: 1 pair of unlocking and locking micro switches, 1 pair of door lock safety switches, and 1 door contact micro switch. The right front door locking device has only 3 micro switches inside because there is no door keyhole surface, just like the rear door lock control device.

What is a KANGERLE micro switch for car door lock?

Car door lock micro switch refers to a micro switch installed on the door to sense or detect whether the door or child lock is completely locked. In other words, whether the door is open or locked is identified by the car door lock micro switch. Most people mistakenly believe that car door locks are micro switches, but they are actually detection switches. The door lock is a mechanical lock, while the micro switch is an electronic switch used to detect whether the door is locked.

What does a KANGERLE door lock micro switch do?

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KANGERLE micro switches for car door locks

When the door is closed, the corresponding mechanism part will trigger the operating handle of the micro switch. Then the circuit will be conducted when the operating handle is pressed. At this point, the car’s dashboard will show that the door is closed. The door locking mechanism has been designed to set the stroke that the micro switch needs to press. Therefore, the micro switch circuit will not be turned on when the door is not closed tightly. The door indicator on the dashboard will show the message that the door is not closed and the buzzer will beep to warn at the same time.

Design principles of automatic car door locks system

  • Operability: Passengers can reliably close or easily open the doors inside and outside the car, and the door locks should have the ability to guide, and prevent vibration to the doors. In the process of opening and closing the door, the response of the micro switch should be fast and sensitive.
  • Safety:  It is required to protect passengers in the event of a collision or rollover accident. When the car is in a dangerous situation such as falling into the water or a fire, it is easy for passengers to quickly open the door.
  • Reliability: The door lock must have a locking device to ensure that the door can be locked tightly after the door is closed. To prevent the door from opening itself while the vehicle is moving, and to stop children or other occupants from opening the door by mistake. It is the door lock safety micro switch that realizes this function. When the door has been detected in the full lock position, the micro-switch closed, and the locking device will lock.
  • Strength: The door lock should have a high strength to withstand the inertial force during impact. From another level, it is also required that the door lock switch will not fail in situations such as car crashes and rollovers. In addition, to continuously maintain its performance and strength, the micro switch within the door lock must meet the requirements of waterproof, dust-proof, as well as rust and corrosion resistance.

If a car door lock micro switch is broken, causing a series of bad consequences

  • During the driving process of the car, the door lock is not locked tightly, which will endanger the safety of passengers. Especially for child car door lock, it must be taken seriously
  • When the car is unoccupied, the door lock cannot be locked tightly, causing theft accidents
  • It is mainly found that the door lock cannot be opened when getting into the car, or someone in the car wants to get out of the car and the door lock cannot be opened

All of these bring great inconvenience and certain danger to passengers.

How to replace a car door lock micro switch

  • Go to a professional car 4S shop. The entire module of the car door lock replacement will be made, and the repair costs are much higher
  • Replace it by yourself. Choose a good quality micro switch, such as the appropriate current voltage, size, whether it has the performance of waterproof and dustproof, long service life.

So the question is, how to choose right micro switches for car door locks?

KANGERLE Micro Switch is a good choice. The KW2 micro switch developed by KANGERLE manufacturer has sensitive opening and closing conversion, and high stroke accuracy. It is waterproof and dust-proof, reaching IP67 protection. Meanwhile, the micro switch has electrical life of 100,000 times, which has been successfully applied to automobile door locks in large quantities after a trial production test. This micro switch is compact, easy to install, and durable. At the same time, it can be equipped with a variety of terminals, wire outlet types, and operating handles. The product has passed UL, CQC, and RoHS certifications, which is safe and reliable. For more details, please visit the official website:

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