With the rapid development of technology in the automotive industry, the functions of automotive interior systems are becoming more diverse and intelligent. The power seat switch can rely on electricity to realize the adjustment of a seat up and down, slide, tilt, and lumbar position to meet the needs of passengers.

What is a power seat in a car?

The power seat is an auto part that integrates machinery and intelligence, which is composed of motors, transmission devices, a control circuit, and power seat adjustment switches. It is powered by the motors, and the seat position is adjusted by the transmission and actuator to improve driving safety and passenger comfort.

How does a power seat work?

The number of seat adjustment functions determines the number of motors. Common functions include forward and backward, up and down, backrest tilt, headrest, lumbar support adjustment, etc. The motor shaft of the seat transmission is connected with the flexible shaft, and the flexible shaft is connected with the transmission input shaft. The transmission output is connected with the worm shaft or gear wheel. Eventually, they can drive the seat support to make various displacements. At the same time, there is a circuit breaker in each motor. It will break the circuit to protect the motor from being burned when the power seat position is adjusted to the limit. Simply put, you only need to gently move or lift up or pull down the power seat switch to adjust the seat to the most satisfactory position for yourself.

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If the car power seat switch is broken, how to diagnose it?

Pressing the power seat switch, the seat can not be adjusted. It is important to know that power seat adjustment requires several motors for operation. In other words, the probability of all motors failing at the same time is very small. Therefore, The biggest possibility is that the power seat switch is damaged.

How to replace a power seat switch?

1. Remove the seat trim panel to gain access to the back of the power seat switch assembly.

2. Check the power seat switch input to ensure that the switch has power and is grounded.

3. Keep the seat motor powered and grounded.

4. Remove the switch connector and remove the power seat switch from the trim panel.

5. Install a new power seat switch.

6. Connect the power socket switch connector.

7. Reinstall the trim panel and power seat switch to the bottom of the seat.

8. Adjust the power seat to verify that the power seat switch is properly installed.

KANGERLE power seat switches have types of two-way and four-way car seat adjustment, which can be selected according to the function of the car seat. The edge of a power seat switch is very round and smooth. All materials are corrosion and heat resistant, not easy to crack and deform, and have good performances. What’s more, this power seat switch is molded with the original car data. That is to say, the hole position is precise, meticulous fit, and does not affect the use of the original car function, truly integrated with the car. At the same time, the switch’s conversion stroke is precise and sensitive and can work in an environment of -40 to 85℃, with a life of up to 25,000 times. KANGERLE is a professional manufacturer of electronic switches with more than thirty years of research and development experience. The car switches produced by Kangerle only aim to let every customer enjoy the fun of driving a car and the comfort of riding in it. For more details about electronic switches, please visit the official website:

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