In modern times, the comfort, maneuverability, and safety of automobiles are increasingly valued by people. As the most frequently touched part of the driver’s hands during driving, the steering wheel’s importance is self-explanatory.

What is a steering wheel switch?

As long as you lightly touch the button switch on the steering wheel of the car, the corresponding function can be realized. Such as adjusting the volume level of the sound, controlling the answering calls, operating cruise control, and so on.

Steering Wheel Push Button Switch插图

The button switch here is also called a tact switch, which is a switch that can be turned on instantly when you press it lightly. Specifically, in the electrical automatic control circuit, a certain operating force is manually applied to the switch operation direction to realize the connected state of the circuit. When the pressure is withdrawn the circuit will be disconnected. Although the tact switch is very small in size, its response is very sensitive. Moreover, it has the advantages of small operation force, precise stroke, and good hand feeling. Therefore, the tact switch will respond quickly and complete the corresponding settings once the driver presses the buttons.

Zhejiang Kangerle Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of micro switches, waterproof micro switches, detector switches, tact switches, and so on. At present, the tact switches have three categories: conventional type, lighted type, and waterproof type. The terminals are mainly SMD and DIP. With long and stable electrical life and various sizes, the products have been widely used in automotive, medical, and home appliance fields. For more information, please visit the official website.

History of the automobile steering wheel

The most primitive steering wheel only had a steering function, which was a totally mechanical unit. Later, an electric horn was installed on it. Nowadays, the functions of the steering wheel becoming more diverse. Nowadays, the functions of steering wheels tend to be diversified. Additional function keys have been added within finger reach of the regular steering wheel. The biggest advantage of a multi-function steering wheel is that the driver can easily complete many electronic controls in the car without big movements.

Steering wheel controls

Some function keys are set on both sides or below the steering wheel so that the driver can directly operate many electronic controls in one of the most convenient places – right where the driver’s fingers are. This is what we called a multi-function steering wheel. You don’t need to look for original function buttons on the dashboard. On the contrary, you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel, which greatly improves the safety of driving. Multi-function steering wheel controls include horn press, entertainment system volume controls, driving mode switching, phone answering, trip computer control, cruise control, gear control, etc. It should be known that the arrangement of these function buttons on the steering wheel needs to consider the situation of misuse. Even if the operation error does not have a major impact on the safety of driving.

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