Why is central locking important?

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Since the 21st century, in order to improve the overall comfort, safety, and ease of use of vehicles, automotive engineers have paid much attention to the experience that the electrical components of vehicles bring to the user. The car central locking system is now standard in mid-range and high-end cars and is usually installed in the center […]

Steering Wheel Push Button Switch

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With the development of technology, the comfort, maneuverability, and safety of automobiles are increasingly valued by people. The steering wheel is the most frequently touched part of the driver’s hand in the process of driving. Its importance is self-explanatory. What is a steering wheel switch? Just touch the buttons on the steering wheel, and you can achieve […]

Vehicle Reading Lamp Micro Switch│Supplier│Manufacturing

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With the continuous innovation and progress of automotive technology, cars have not only been limited to the category of means for transportation in recent years. They have even become a second private space for many drivers other than home. Therefore, the function and comfort of interior ambient light are also increasingly sought after and favored by consumers. what is a reading light on […]

Micro Switches Used in Hood Locks for Cars

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With the improvement of people’s living standards and the acceleration of the pace of life, automobiles play an important role in modern life. The annual sales of cars are increasing day by day. The hood lock system for a car is an indispensable auto part with independent functions. Moreover, it’s also directly related to the driving safety of the […]

KFC-V-108 Solution for car parts

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The customer comes from a long-established Japanese auto parts company, who initially selected a general-purpose product with a handle in strip(corresponding to our model KFC-V-108). Due to the small contact area of the handle, it did not fit well with the customer’s design structure and poor contact often occurs. Later he found our company. We made the […]

Microswitch Used in Automotive Shifter

micro switch for shifter

Types of transmissions Currently, the two main types of transmissions widely used in automobiles are Stepped Automatic Transmissions(SAT) and Continuously Variable Transmissions(CVT). CVT refers to transmissions with numerous ratios, using the principle of chain drive to work, so the CVT is sometimes called chain transmission, or CVT for short. SAT refers to transmissions with a limited number of ratios and can be divided […]