Steering Wheel Push Button Switch

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In modern times, the comfort, maneuverability, and safety of automobiles are increasingly valued by people. As the most frequently touched part of the driver’s hands during driving, the steering wheel’s importance is self-explanatory. What is a steering wheel switch? As long as you lightly touch the button switch on the steering wheel of the car, the corresponding function can be realized. […]

Why is central locking important?

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Since the 21st century, in order to improve the overall comfort, safety, and ease of use of vehicles, automotive engineers have paid much attention to the experience that the electrical components of vehicles bring to the user. The car central locking system is now standard in mid-range and high-end cars and is usually installed in the center […]

What is a power seat switch?

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With the rapid development of technology in the automotive industry, the functions of automotive interior systems are becoming more diverse and intelligent. The power seat switch can rely on electricity to realize the adjustment of a seat up and down, slide, tilt, and lumbar position to meet the needs of passengers. What is a power seat in a car? The […]

Vehicle Reading Lamp Micro Switch│Supplier│Manufacturing

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With the continuous innovation and progress of automotive technology, cars have not only been limited to the category of means for transportation in recent years. They have even become a second private space for many drivers other than home. Therefore, the function and comfort of interior ambient light are also increasingly sought after and favored by consumers. what is a reading light on […]

Micro Switches used in Car Door Locks|Manufacturer|Supplier

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The car door lock is one of the important accessories of the car body, and its performance and quality are directly related to the safety of the car driving and the owner’s property security. The automotive door lock system is developing in the direction of high security, reliability, functional diversification, and mechatronics technology. Meanwhile, the coordination with the […]

KW2-1A-02-B-A Solution for car parts

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This customer is a large-scale auto parts supplier in China. Because of the particularity of the customer’s product structure, the shape of the switch positioning hole commonly used in the market cannot be satisfied. Our company cooperated with the customer to change the switch positioning hole from conventional horizontal positioning to vertical positioning, which successfully dealt with the […]

What if the car trunk latch micro switch is broken?

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What should you do if the micro switch of the car trunk lock fails? Although there are various ways to open the trunk, owners will still encounter the situation that the car trunk lock not working. The following is a brief analysis of the reasons and solutions for the inability to open the trunk. 1.Failure of the micro switch […]

Micro Switch in Charging Gun & Charging Pile in New Energy Vehicles

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With the improvement of people’s awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy technology has developed rapidly. In recent years, the rapid rise of new energy vehicles has given them a great voice in the market. Especially under the current situation of resource use and economic development, the new energy vehicle industry conforms to the […]