With the improvement of people’s living standards and the acceleration of the pace of life, automobiles play an important role in modern life. The annual sales of cars are increasing day by day. The hood lock system for a car is an indispensable auto part with independent functions. Moreover, it’s also directly related to the driving safety of the occupants and the vehicle owner’s property safety.

There are many regulations and standards in the automotive industry for hood locks at home and abroad.

These regulations are introduced to protect the consumers’ rights and personal security to the greatest extent possible. Most importantly, it is necessary to ensure that automobile manufacturers perform responsibilities during the production process and after-sale service. The U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard FMVSS 113 makes requests for car hood locks as follows:

The hood is a movable sheet metal part used to cover the engine, luggage, storage, or battery in front of the front windshield. The standard stipulates that there must be a lock system in the hood. Any hood that opens forward and can obstruct the driver’s view during the full opening or closing process must have a secondary opening function, or be equipped with a second opening function on the hood cover. The national mandatory regulation GB 11568-2011 requires such a hood on the basis of the US federal motor vehicle safety standards, replacing “must have a secondary opening function” with “must have a second locking position”.

Application of KANGERLE micro switch in car hood lock

Micro Switches Used in Hood Locks for Cars插图

A traditional car hood lock is a purely mechanical locking structure. When the hood is opened or the front hood lock is not locked, there is no alarm prompt on the dashboard inside the car. Therefore, there will exist a safety risk when driving the car with the hood unlocked.

Previously read a news story: a car in the process of highway driving, the hood suddenly opened, blocking the driver’s view. Fortunately, the driver was calm and took timely measures to park the car in a safe area, which did not cause a safety accident. Just imagine, if a novice were faced with this situation, the consequences would be disastrous. It can be seen that the safety and reliability of the hood lock system are very important.

That’s why a large portion of cars now add a micro switch based on the mechanical hood lock assembly. Specifically, a waterproof micro switch is provided on the outer cover of the hood, which acts as a signal.

Micro Switches Used in Hood Locks for Cars插图1

When the hood latch won’t lock, the micro switch is turned on. Under this circumstance, an alarm prompt will appear on the instrument panel inside the car, which effectively prevents the danger of driving the car with the hood unlocked completely.

As a professional manufacturer of micro switches, we always put product quality and performance in the first place. Our self-developed hood lock waterproof micro switch up to IP67 level, a global certification guarantee. Our products are available in various styles, and you can choose the operating lever, current voltage, terminal type, etc. according to your specific needs. Welcome to visit our website for more detailed information:

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