Nowadays, the car has become one of the essential means of transportation for people to travel. The comfort, convenience, and intelligence of cars are constantly being improved and innovated, and many intelligent technologies and electronic techniques are successfully applied to car systems. Among them, the one-touch start system has quickly become a major trend in-car functions.

What is a one-touch start system?

One touch start system is also called a keyless start system. As the name implies, it can start the car engine directly at the touch of a push button without the need for a key entry. This auto start-stop button is a switch that enables quick starting of the car while also turning off the engine. 

The Parts of a One-Touch Start System and the Micro Switch

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The components of a car smart start system include a remote key, keyless entry and start, electronic reverse lock, push button start switch, anti-theft coil, induction switch, antenna, etc.

The car’s one-touch start system mainly achieves a series of control operations by means of a signal communicated between the key and the car to each other. The driver carries the key as long as it is within a suitable range close to the vehicle. The key will send a signal, and the car controller can quickly receive this signal, thus realizing the automatic unlocking of the doors. After entering the car, the driver presses the engine start button switch and depresses the brake pad at the same time. The car controller sends an interrogation signal to verify the key, the key receives the signal and feeds back RF information. The start command is automatically executed after a successful match. If you want to turn off the engine, the driver first presses the brake to bring the vehicle to a smooth stop. Then put the gear into P, pull up the handbrake, and press the engine start/stop button switch to turn off the engine. After the driver leaves the car, the car will automatically enter the anti-theft system, and the door can only be unlocked automatically if the key induction switch is restarted. Its biggest advantage is that it frees the driver’s hands and brings them a series of operational conveniences.

The micro switch in the car’s one-touch start system is used for signaling, which requires precise travel, sensitive operation, and quick response. The KW12 series micro switch produced and developed by Zhejiang Kangle Electronics Co., Ltd. has the advantages of small size, lightweight, and long life. This series of micro switch materials is environmentally friendly and has passed the RoHS protocol. At the same time, it has also obtained relevant certifications such as IATF16949, UL, CQC, etc. The quality is stable and reliable. KANGERLE switches are now successfully used in household appliances, automobiles, medical devices, industrial equipment, etc. For more details on micro switches, please visit the official website: &

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