With the improvement of people’s awareness of driving convenience and safety, the car remote lock has become an indispensable electrical configuration in passenger cars. Its design concept is to add a remote control function on the basis of the original central door locking system, so as to achieve the effect of unlocking and locking the car without a key.

The central locking system for a car is composed of two parts, the car remote control key and the central control door lock host. The remote key for the car includes batteries, tact switches, radio transmitters, and a high-frequency amplifier. The central control door lock host mainly includes a power supply module, a signal receiving, and processing module, a CPU, and a signal output processing module. Today, we shortly introduce the remote control function of car door locks. That is to say, how does a car central locking system work?

When the function buttons on the key are pressed, the encoder immediately collects the corresponding signal. Then this signal is amplified and carried to the radio wave and sent to the central control door lock host through the high-frequency amplifier. The host recognizes the received signal and drives the door lock actuator to lock and unlock the car doors.

How does a car central locking system work?插图

Car remote keys generally contain four function buttons: LOCK, UNLOCK, TRUNK, and PANIC.

  • Door locking – Press the LOCK button, and all doors will automatically flash lock and the car directional lights will flash twice. If any door is not closed tightly, press the LOCK button, the directional lights will flash three times, and the doors will be locked automatically
  • Door unlocking – Press the UNLOCK button, and all doors will be opened, and the directional lights flash once
  • Car search function – The first time you press the PANIC button, the directional lights will flash for 15s to remind the car owner. When pressing this button again, the directional lights will stop flashing
  • Open the trunk – Press the TRUNK button, the trunk door will be unlocked and opened automatically

It can be seen that the car remote control key can realize the corresponding function as long as the button is lightly touched. So what kind of switch is installed under the button? The switch used here is a tact switch, also called a push button switch. In the electrical automatic control circuit, a certain operating force is manually applied to the switch operation direction to realize the circuit closing and closing. The circuit will be disconnected when the pressure is removed. Simply put, it is a switch that can be instantly turned on by pressing it gently. Although the tact switch is very mini, its response is very sensitive. Moreover, it has the advantages of a small operating force, precise stroke, and good hand feeling. Zhejiang Kangerle Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electronic switches such as micro switches, detector switches, tact switches, and so on. Our products have been widely used in automotive, medical, home appliances, imaging, and other fields, which are trusted and supported by our customers. We have been focusing on the switch industry since 1993. For more information about our switches, please visit: &

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