Why is it called car glove box?

In the early days of automotive technology, gloves were a necessity. For example, in winter, when the steering wheel is cold and heavy, you’d better wear gloves to operate it. If the car cannot start, you must also use a starting handle with gloves to manually start the engine. Therefore, the box located on the passenger side is often called “the place to put gloves” by the driver, commonly known as the glove box, and is still in use today.

With the development of the automotive industry and technology, the glove box is generally defined as a box assembly that stores user manuals, vehicle inspection documents, vehicle information, and other items in modern times. Moreover, it plays a decorative role, which is a part of the instrument panel. Some people also refer to glove boxes as miscellaneous boxes, storage boxes, etc. A good glove box can not only store a large number of items, and be convenient and quick to operate, but also beautify the instrument panel.

What is a glove box light?

The position of the glove box is special, and the light is not easy to shine into it, so the sight in the box will not be clear. When the driver and passenger use the glove box, it is difficult to see the condition in the storage box, bringing a bad user experience.

What is a micro switch for the car glove box?插图

Therefore, many vehicles have already installed lighting devices in the glove box. When the glove box is opened, the lights inside the box automatically turn on, which is convenient for the occupants in the car to find items in the dark environment.

What is a micro switch for the car glove box?

What is a micro switch for the car glove box?插图1

The micro switch is connected in series in the circuit between the battery and the lamp, which can control the opening and closing of the lamp. To be more specific, the micro switch is mounted on the opening and closing surface of the glove box panel. When the glove box is closed, the micro switch is in a disconnected state and the light is off. On the contrary, when the glove box is opened, the micro switch is in a connected state and the light is on. Nowadays, the design for many vehicles is on the basis of saving energy. The batteries of glove box lights are mostly solar cells that are green and environmentally friendly.

How to select this micro switch?

When the car is driving on rainy days, or during the cleaning process, the glove box will inevitably come into contact with water stains. Therefore, the electronic switch inside the glove box must be waterproof and have a long life. Our KW2 series micro switch has various styles and can be customized with different operating levers and terminals according to the body characteristics. The micro switch is small in size, light in weight, sensitive in operation, has an electrical life of 100,000 cycles, can work from -40 degrees to 80 degrees, and is waterproof and dustproof. At the same time, it has also passed international certifications such as UL, CQC, and RoHS. A variety of micro switches of this series have been successfully applied in the automobile glove box with reliable and stable quality, which is trusted by our customers.

Zhejiang Kangerle Electronics Co., Ltd., a manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in developing electronic switches, has put customers’ needs in the first place for a long time and has established a good reputation with good quality. Please visit our website for more details about micro switches.

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