With the improvement of people’s awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy technology has developed rapidly. In recent years, the rapid rise of new energy vehicles has given them a great voice in the market. Especially under the current situation of resource use and economic development, the new energy vehicle industry conforms to the trend of the times and has become a hot spot and a focus industry in society.

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According to the statistical analysis of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in March 2022, China’s new energy vehicle production and marketing performance are still significantly better than the industry, continuing to maintain a month-on-month and year-on-year rapid growth momentum. In the first quarter, the production and marketing of new energy vehicles both exceeded one million units, with a market share of 19.3%. The strategic leading role of new energy vehicles was further highlighted.

Types of electric vehicles

New energy vehicles use unconventional vehicle fuels as their power source (or use conventional vehicle fuels, and adopt new vehicle power units), combined with the advanced technologies of vehicle power control and drive, to become a vehicle with advanced technology and new structure. It can be divided into four types: Battery Electric Vehicles(BEV), Hybrid Electric Vehicles(HEV), Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles(FCEV), and Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles(HICEV).

ItemType Definition
1Battery Electric VehiclesPowered by rechargeable batteries and driven by electric motors
2Hybrid Electric VehiclesHybrid vehicle structurally with electric motor and engine at the same time
3Fuel Cell Electric VehiclesUsing hydrogen, methanol, etc. as fuels, the energy generated in the chemical reaction is converted into electricity to drive the car
4Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine VehiclesThe driving force is generated by the combustion of hydrogen and oxygen

Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, advantages of electric vehicles and disadvantages of electric vehicles are as follows:

Advantages Disadvantages
No exhaust emissions during driving, which will not pollute the environment, and the energy utilization rate is highDeficiencies in battery technology
Low noise while drivingShort cruising range
Government subsidy supportBattery life issues exist
low use-cost when charging in the low load period,Insufficient number of charging locations and long charging times

Charging Piles & Charging Guns

In the electric vehicle industry chain, charging equipment, as indispensable supporting equipment, is also constantly being designed, updated, and improved. Many countries have also built a large number of charging equipment, such as charging piles and charging stations.

Charging Piles

The function of charging piles is similar to that of gas pumps in gas stations, which can charge various types of new energy vehicles according to different voltage levels.

1. Installation type

①Floor Charging Pile—Suitable for installation in a parking space not near the walls

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②Wall Hanging Charging Pile—Suitable for a parking space installed near the walls

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2. Installation location

①Public charging pile—Charging piles that are built in public buildings (shopping malls, public parking lots, etc.) in combination with parking spaces to provide public charging services for social vehicles

②Self-use charging pile—Charging piles that are built in personally owned parking spaces to provide charging for private users

③Dedicated charging pile—Charging piles that are built in the unit’s parking lot to provide charging exclusively for its internal personnel

3. Number of charging ports

①one pile for one charge—Each charging pile is equipped with one charging port for one vehicle only

②one pile for several charges—Each charging pile is equipped with multiple charging ports for multiple vehicles

Charging gun

The charging gun serves as a bridge to connect the charging equipment to the charging battery of the electric vehicle. It is necessary to ensure the consistency of the connection between the charging pile and the charging gun to provide power support for the charging of new energy vehicles.

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In China, the charging gun has 7 holes (AC pile) and 9 holes (DC pile), each hole represents a different power supply or control signal. At present, the commonly used charging methods are AC charging and DC charging, and their respective advantages and disadvantages are also obvious.

ItemCharging typeAdvantagesDisadvantages
1AC①Low cost of charging piles, easy to install ②Less expenses when charging in the low load period
③The charging current is small and the voltage is relatively stable, which can ensure the safety of the power battery pack and prolong the service life.
①The charging time is too long
②Difficult to meet the needs of the vehicle for an emergency operation and long cruising range
2DCImprove the charging efficiency and save time①High costs of charger manufacturing, installation, and operation
②Large charging current harms the life of the battery
③Easy to cause battery overheating, which is a safety hazard

Chinakel micro switch used in charging gun

Zhejiang Kangerle Electronics Co., Ltd. has more than 30 years of brand OEM experience and has developed and produced micro switches widely used in the automotive industry with the core concept of energy saving and environmental protection. Micro switches have the advantages of small size, compactness, long life span, and wide voltage input range, and have been successfully used in new energy charging piles and charging guns.

Features of KANGERLE Micro Switch for Charging Gun

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1. ISO9001/IATF16949 certification and global safety approvals

2. Small in size, light weight, strong sealing

3. IP67 dust-proof and waterproof micro switch

4. Micro switch can be equipped with many kinds of operating handles and terminals

5. Affordable price, reliable quality, fast and stable delivery, worry-free after-sales service

As a professional micro switch supplier, Zhejiang Kangerle Electronics Co., Ltd. has been following the pace of the times to change, design, and innovate products. Our micro switches are now widely used in household appliances, auto parts, daily necessities, medical equipment, automation equipment, and other fields. All products have international safety certifications, such as UL, CE, CQC, TUV, etc., and also comply with RoHS and Reach and other environmental protection protocols. Welcome to visit our website for more details about micro switches:

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